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* Private lession.

* Available from 7 to 14 years old.

* Starting at 5 people and available for up to 12 people.

* It's possible to bring some food and eat it.

* Your finished pieces will be ready 5 weeks after your class date.

We'll send a text message to person who contacted me when your pieces are ready to pick up.


*Class fee :

1. Type 1: $60 + GST per person

2. Type 2: $70 + GST per person


*Class contents:

Making a plate (or cup) with hand-building, Be able to decorate and paint on the class date.


*Class schedule:

Tuesday ~ Friday and Sunday ,  Duration 2 hours (80mins for class and 40mins for eating)

Please be let me know about your date and time requests.

* To register :

Please send an E-mail ( ) or call me (604-841-7336)     

Let me know your below information:           

 - Desire date and time               

 - Number of people          

 - Cell phone number


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