* It's availble over Gr. 2.
*4 lessons per 2 weeks.

   It takes 1 hour per 1 lesson.

* Contents:

    Make a plate, Fridge Magnets, a plant pot, a cup
    Be able to decorate and paint.

    Your finished pieces will be ready between 3 weeks after your last class date.

     We'll message you when your pieces are ready to pick up.


* Class fee: $160+GST for 4 lessons
     Class fee includes setup and cleanup in the class, materials, glazing, and firing.


* Class Schedule :

    Camp 1) 11th,12th,18th,19th of July at 2pm
    Camp 2) 25th,26th of July and 1st,2nd

                 of August at 2pm
    Camp 3) 8th, 9th,15th,16th

                 of August at 11am
    Camp 4) 22nd, 23rd, 29th, 30th

                 of August at 11am

* To register:

     1. Please send an e-mail.


     2. Payment up front is required to book your class.
         Send it by E-transfer ( or

         Pay by card.

        (call me during business hours)

* Return policy:

   Changing the camp date is only available up to 7 days before your class starts.
   The camp begins when there are more than 5 kids. 
If the camp doesn't start, you'll get a full refund.