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* The classes run once a week for 2months.

   Morning class : Wednesday at 10am~12pm

   Evening  class (beginner class) : Wednesday or Thursday at 6pm~8pm

The lesson schedules are fixed.

* No previous experience necessary.

* Members are individually taught at their own pace. 

* Members will learn the process of wheel throwing.

Basic skills are established, including centering, throwing, trimming, and glazing.

* Personal Preparation : Apron


* Class fee :

$480+GST per 8 lessons

Class fee includes unlimited clay, glazes, and basic tools.

 - Firing fee is an extra charge. It's $20+ tax per half kiln plate.(can put 6~7mugs.) 

It depends on the size of your pieces. 

* Customer policy

- Missed classes policy:

Please check if you can take the entire class at the time of purchasing. There is no make-up class.


- Cancellation policy:

Refunds are only given if the member cancels more than 7 days ahead of the first class. There is a $50 administration fee for all cancellations, regardless of time frame.





Image by Maggie Markel
Pottery Workshop
Image by Aedrian
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