school Field Trips  

 " Are you looking for a creative and a fun field trip? Bring your students to J-pottery studio. We are the perfect partner for field trips that can be fun and educational!. During your visit, the class will learn how pottery is made.  It's the perfect activity for your students for any season! " 

* The field trip can be offered to groups of up to 24 students at a time. 


* Class Schedule :

Monday, Tuseday and Friday,  Duration 1 hour.

Please be let me know about your date and time requests.


* Class Fee :

$ 35 + GST per student (10~19 students)

$ 30 + GST per student ( over 20 students)

Class fee includes setup and cleanup in the class, materials, glazing, firing and

delivery of the finished pottery within 6~7 weeks of the field trip.  


* Class contents :

Students will make to use technique with add coil - Hand-building 

And be able to decorate and paint of piece.


* Class type :

1. Type A : Plate

2. Type B : Mug cup

3. Type C : Plant pot


* To Register :

Please send an E-mail ( )  

Let me know your below information:           

 - Class type, desire date and time           

 - Number of student         

 - All student's first name

 - School name and Division 

 - Contact cell phone number